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Kinetic Potential is in the business of helping you feel and move your best. Whether you are a weekend warrior, professional athlete, or simply seeking to lead an active, pain-free life, our goal is to get you back in the game and doing what you love most.

Remote Services

In-person services

Physical Therapy

Sometimes life can leave you with aches and pains. KPPT is here to help you return to the activities you love with one-on-one, Doctor of Physical Therapy guided treatments. No aides, no assistants, every time. 


The way you move may be putting you at risk for future injury. By utilizing the Selective Functional Movement Assessment, along with the Titleist Performance Institute screening system, we can help pinpoint areas that may be putting you at risk.

Injury Reduction

All injuries are not preventable, but the likelihood of their occurrence can be reduced. Through our movement analyses, we can help determine what areas might lead to trouble during your upcoming season, or prior to increasing your activity level.


Getting ready for surgery, or just had an operation? We are here to help you move your best and get you back to your full potential.

Sports Injury

Whether you are hurt during the game, getting ready for the season, or at practice, missing time from competition takes a toll. KPPT's training and advanced methodology are here to help you return as soon as possible.

Manual Therapy

At times, your injury will result in the inability to exercise as desired. Whether your muscles are tight or your joints are swollen or stiff, manual therapy can help reduce pain, decrease swelling, and get you moving again.

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