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5 weeks to a stronger you!

It is possible. All it takes is 25 minutes 5 days a week. 

In 25 minutes a day you will get stronger, and improve your cardiovascular endurance all while preserving your joint health, and reducing your risk of injuries. The methods used in the program have been used for years by those looking to get healthier while avoiding hours in the gym. The knowledge you gain from reading and performing this program is its true value, and I will teach you to utilize it so you can design your own programs in the future. 

Included in the 5x5 Strength Program are:

  • 25 unique workouts 

  • 5 easy and effective warm up sessions

  • 4 variations of the program for you to perform once you are done

  • 50+ instructional videos of the exercises


Recommended Equipment:

  • Varying Dumbbells, Kettlebells, or Bands

  • Floor/yoga mat

  • Space

  • Stairs/Exercise Box

That's it!


*you can always modify workouts that use equipment you don't have access to!


Unsure of what this type of training looks like, or if this program is right for you? Follow along with me from one of the days of the program here! All you need are two medium weights. 



"5 reps doesn’t seem like a lot, but when done right it really has the potential to push you! I am loving this way of working out - 25 minutes fly by like nothing. My heart rate goes up and I feel stronger everyday." Yasmeen M

"For someone who absolutely hates gyms/lifting usually it was very easy to get into and I felt great while doing it. Warmups were awesome as well." Allie M

"I could lift a heavier weight which was mentally encouraging; and, I started to notice a difference in my body and its abilities. I also really liked the time efficiency." Jacqueline B

"My favorite part of the program was that everything was already decided and laid out for me. I got in an efficient workout, I knew exactly how long it would take every day, and it was different every day. I also like that you can save the program and print a hard copy if you like instead of worrying about watching a video . It will also be nice to be able mix and match these workouts into my regular routine. Even the fact that it was mostly 5 reps for 5 minutes each and 5 exercises made it incredibly simple and easy to follow, while still being effective." Anna F


For $1 a day you get a Doctor designed strength and endurance program that will save you time while transforming your body and your abilities! 

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