Who was Band Camp created for?


Because Band Camp is scalable, anyone from a beginner to a seasoned gym veteran will benefit from going through Band Camp.

Is there an option for support?


Sometimes working out alone can be tough, even when there is a programmed workout for you. This digital support option provides you with weekly email support to keep you encouraged, and to answer any questions to you may have. You can ask for exercise substitutions, or any general questions in relation to the Band Camp program. This weekly support is provided through email.

If I were to work in person with a client for this type of support, it would typically cost over $1000/month! 

If you feel like you need support follow this link!

What do you get with the Band Camp Program?


These 4 weeks of programming use a time tested methodology that helps you improve your strength, lose weight, and get all your friends to ask "have you been working out?" 


Band Camp is unique in that it uses only bands and body weight to get you to your goals. This means no getting in the car to drive to the gym, fighting the crowds to use the equipment you need, or worrying about the cleanliness of the gym and air. There's also no guarantee that the gym will even be open these days!


After we determine which bands are best for you to use, you will be on your way to achieving unprecedented progress with minimal equipment.


Band Camp is a scalable, 4 days per week program, that shouldn’t consume your whole day, and will leave you feeling strong,

confident, and energized.


What else do you get?


  • Programming that would normally cost my clients hundreds of dollars each month.

  • Portability - Band Camp can literally be done anywhere, as long as you have your bands!

  • Freedom - Depending on which workout variation you do you workouts should take 35-45 minutes or 45-60 minutes. 

  • Confidence - As your body changes you will have more confidence in yourself, and your ability to move! You can also have confidence in the program, as it has been designed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy with over 10 years experience designing exercise programs for people to look, feel, and perform their best. 

What if I don't have a lot of time to work out?


Well first, let me say that in the time it takes for you to usually drive to and from the gym you can finish each of Band Camp's workouts. 


Depending on which variation of each days' workout you do, each day should take you between 35-45 minutes for the regular workouts, and 45-60 minutes for the advanced variations. 


What if I currently have an injury?


I would strongly encourage you to see a medical professional first. But if we're talking about normal aches and pains of every day life, then the scalability of Band Camp makes it perfect for you. 


Feeling good one day? Bump it up and do the advanced workout. Having a tough day or woke up sore, scale back down to the normal Band Camp program. 


Band Camp also comes with 5 free warm ups to get your body primed and ready to go with each workout!


What if I have never worked out?


Congratulations on starting your fitness and wellness journey! I am so happy that you are considering Band Camp to help you along this path. Each exercise in band camp has a corresponding video that shows you how to perform the movement, so you are not left guessing or constantly searching YouTube  for "What is [X] exercise"?


I don't have a lot of space to workout, and I don't have a lot of equipment, can I still do Band Camp?


Band Camp is the perfect program for you!


Band Camp literally only uses your body weight and rubber exercise bands like these, or like these

Yes, if you have weights laying around you can add them to some of the movements for more of a challenge, but that is not required to get the most out of Band Camp. 


If you can get outside, or have a 6ft x 6ft space in your house that you can put your arms above your head, then you have enough space for Band Camp!