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This 4 week long program utilizes a time tested methodology that helps you improve your strength and cardiovascular endurance while also helping you improve your overall health.

Band Camp is unique in that it uses only bands and body weight to get you to your goals. The world is constantly changing and gym access is not a guarantee. With one set of bands you can now get a gym quality workout from anywhere.

After we determine which bands are best for you to use, you will be on your way to achieving unprecedented progress with minimal equipment.

Band Camp is a scalable, 4 days per week program, that shouldn’t consume your whole day, and will leave you feeling strong, confident, and energized.

Who was Band Camp created for?

  • People who frequently travel

  • People without gym access

  • People who believe the gym is unsafe

  • People intimidated by the gym

  • People with limited space for a home gym

  • Literally anyone! 

Because Band Camp is scalable, anyone from a gym novice to a seasoned gym veteran will benefit from going through Band Camp.

Equipment Needed:

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