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Many conditions that cause pain in the body are non-specific and can actually be treated with generalized exercise programs. Many patients will benefit from attempting to stretch, strengthen, and mobilize specific areas in their body with a little guidance from a physical therapist or skilled rehab professional. But if you can determine whether your pain can be treated with generalized, area specific exercises this leads you to be able to exercise in the comfort of your own home or gym, cut down your time in the car, miss less work because of appointments, AND only costs as much as 1-3 typical copays. 

When you factor in the typical therapy copay of $35-$60 plus the lost time for travel and sitting around for your therapist to spend 10 minutes with you, these programs are an enormous physical and cost benefit for you. 

To determine which program is best fits your needs, please perform the following assessments. 


Low Back Pain


Shoulder Pain


Hip Pain

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