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Welcome to Forged Golf Performance, your solution to improving how your body moves to hit the ball farther, reduce your risk of injury, finish your round strong, and to be able to make swing changes without your body being the limiting factor. The Daily Habit will give you a movement practice that will improve your mobility, flexibility, and stability. The Rotational Strength program will give you everything you could ever need to create a better turn and build golf specific strength. Forged Flexibility will help you recover faster and keep you healthy, so you can play more golf. Our strength programs are world class, you will not find anything else in the golf world that measures up to them. 


There is a lifetime of content here for your consumption, which is good because golf is a lifelong endeavor. Forged was born to add massive value to your life. Whether you start with The Daily HabitForged FlexibilityThe Getup for Golf, or Supple Shoulders, or you are jumping into Rotational Strength, everything here is an investment in your body and golf performance. Remember that your body is the one piece of equipment that you can be improving on a daily basis. You are a golfer, but you are also an athlete. It is time to start taking care of your body like one.


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The Daily Habit

What do you do to get warmed up for your round of golf? If you roll out of the car, pile your wedges together into a heavy wad of steel and swing them around, do some toe touches, and then hope your first ball isn’t a "breakfast ball"; then you need this. If you have a plan for stretching and a whole "warm-up" routine that you do before every round of golf then this will make your "warm-up" more efficient.

 The Daily Habit is an opportunity for learning and you might even be surprised by how much you retain. The Daily Habit will empower you. It will probably happen one morning while you are on the 12th tee box waiting for the fairway to clear and you decide to do some ½ Kneeling Windmills from The Daily Habit three weeks ago because they made your thoracic spine feel open and your hips feel free. The Daily Habit will build your repertoire of how you can move your body. Of course each week will have all the direction you need, but we are always happy to hear about golfers who start thinking for themselves or start sharing what they have been learning with their golf buddies.

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